• Madrid (Madrid)
  • Categoría: Espectáculo
  • Lugar: Naves del Español. Sala Fernando Arrabal
  • Dirección: Plaza de Legazpi, 8, 28045
  • Horario: 10:00 horas
  • Precio: Sin especificar.
  • Público al que va dirigido: Todos los públicos.
03/12/2022, 04/12/2022, 05/12/2022, 06/12/2022, 07/12/2022, 08/12/2022, 09/12/2022, 10/12/2022,

Rocío Molina, Niño de Elche, Olalla Alemán, Pepe Benítez, Maureen Choi This show is an open itinerary, a search based on desire that stems from the intuition that its origin can only be found in illo tempore. It leads to an exploration of the body and its capacity to construct images of a past that we do not understand. Hence we witness the construction of a specific mythology in which desire embodies the psychic flow that spans the various stages between the human and the sacred, the spiritual and the animal, the "materialistic poison" that constrains us and the sacrifice in the form of descent and ascent, the axis mundi through which it achieves its liberation.