International Conference on Speech Acoustics and Phonetics

  • Madrid (Madrid)
  • Categoría: Congreso/Conferencia
  • Lugar: A concretar (Madrid)
  • Dirección: Calle de Montalbán, 1, 28014
  • Horario: 21:00 horas
  • Precio: Sin especificar.
  • Público al que va dirigido: Adultos.
    A partir de 16 años de edad

Acoustic phoneticsAcoustic aspects of speech soundsAcoustic and auditory phoneticsPsycholinguistics and acoustic phoneticsSource–filter theory of speech productionVocal-tract cavity properties and formant frequenciesAdaptive design of speech sound inventoriesAcoustic phoneticsAcoustic phonetic sciencesAcoustic phonetics teaching and learningSpeech productionSpeech acousticsSpeech perceptionSpeech prosodySound changePhonologySociophoneticsLanguage typologyFirst and second language acquisitionForensic phoneticsSpeaking stylesVoice qualityClinical phoneticsSpeech technology